2019 Nature Communications

Probing the active fraction of soil microbiomes using BONCAT-FACS

E. Couradeau , J. Sasse , D. Goudeau , N. Nath , BP Bowen , TC Hazen, R. Chakraborty, RR . Malmstrom, TR Northen 

volume 10, Article number: 2770 

2019 Vadose Zone Journal

Microhydrological Niches in Soils: How Mucilage and EPS Alter the Biophysical Properties of the Rhizosphere and Other Biological Hotspots

P. Benard, M. Zarebanadkouki, M. Brax, R. Kaltenbach, I. Jerjen, F. Marone, E. Couradeau, V. J. M. N. L. Felde, A. Kaestner, A. Carminati 

J. 18:180211. doi:10.2136/vzj2018.12.0211

2019 Microbiome

Spatial segregation of the biological soil crust microbiome around its foundational cyanobacterium, Microcoleus vaginatus, and the formation of a nitrogen-fixing cyanosphere

E. Couradeau, A. Giraldo-Silva, F. De Martini, F. Garcia-Pichel 

Microbiome volume 7, Article number: 55 (2019)​

2019 PeerJ

Optimizing de novo genome assembly from PCR-amplified metagenomes

2018 Frontiers in Environmental Sciences

In Situ X-Ray Tomography Imaging of Soil Water and Cyanobacteria From Biological Soil Crusts Undergoing Desiccation

E. Couradeau, V. J. M. N. L. Felde, D. Parkinson, D. Uteau, A. Rochet, C. Cuellar, S. Peth, F.Garcia-Pichel, T. R. Northen 

Frontiers in Environmental Science, 6:65. doi: 10.3389/fenvs.2018.00065 

2018 Nature Communications

 Possible nitrogen fertilization of the early Earth Ocean by microbial continental ecosystems 

C. Thomazo, E. Couradeau, F. Garcia-Pichel 

Nature Communications,volume 9, Article number: 2530 

2018 Applied and Environmental Microbiology

 A new niche for anoxygenic phototrophs as endoliths 

 D. Roush, E. Couradeau, B. Guida, F. Garcia-Pichel 


2018 mBio

 Large blooms of Bacillales (Firmicutes) underlie the response to wetting of cyanobacterial biocrusts of varying maturity 

 U. Karaoz, E. Couradeau, U. Nunes da Rocha, T. Northen, F. Garcia-Pichel, E. Brodie 

 vol. 9 no. 2 e01366-16 

2018 Plant and Soil

A novel method to evaluate nutrient retention by biological soil crust exopolymeric matrix

T. Swenson, E. Couradeau, T. R. Northen 

August 2018, Volume 429, Issue 1–2, pp 53–64

2017 Biogeosciences

Diversity and mineral substrate preference in endolithic microbial communities from marine intertidal outcrops

E. Couradeau, D. Roush, B. S. Guida, F. Garcia-Pichel 

14, 311-324 

2017 International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology

Description of Gloeomargarita lithophora gen. nov., sp. nov., a thylakoid-bearing basal-branching cyanobacterium with intracellular carbonates, and proposal for Gloeomargaritales ord. nov.”

D. Moreira, R. Tavera, K. Benzerara, F. Skouri-Panet, E. Couradeau, E. Gérard, C.Loussert, E. Novelo, Y. Zivanovic, P. López-García 

67: 653-658 

2016 Nature Communications

Bacteria increase arid land soil surface temperature through the production of sunscreens

E. Couradeau, U. Karaoz, H.C. Lim, U. Nunes da Rocha, T. Northen ,E. Brodie , F. Garcia-Pichel

7 article number 10373 

2014 PNAS

Intracellular Ca-carbonate biomineralization is widespread in cyanobacteria

K. Benzerara, F. Skouri-Panet, J.Li, C. Ferard, M. Gargaud, T. Laurent, E. Couradeau, M. Ragon, J. Cosmidis, I. Margaret-Olivier, P. López-García, D. Moreira 

111 (30) 10933-10938 

2013 Biogeosciences

Cyanobacterial calcification in modern microbialites at the submicrometer-scale

E. Couradeau, K. Benzerara, E. Gérard, I. Estève, D. Moreira and P. López-García 

10, pp. 5255-5266 


2013 The ISME Journal

Specific carbonate–microbe interactions in the modern microbialites of Lake Alchichica (Mexico)

E. Gérard, B.Ménez, E. Couradeau, D. Moreira, K. Benzerara and P. López-García 

Oct 7 (10) 

2012 Science

An early-branching microbialite cyanobacterium forms intracellular carbonates

E. Couradeau, K. Benzerara, E. Gérard, D. Moreira, S.Bernard, G.E.Brown Jr.and P. López-García 

Vol. 336 no. 6080 pp. 459-462 

2011 Plos ONE

Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Community Structure in Field and Cultured Microbialites from the Alkaline Lake Alchichica (Mexico)

E. Couradeau, K. Benzerara, D. Moreira, E. Gérard, J. Kazmierczak, R. Tavera and P. López-García

6(12): e28767 


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