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Welcome to Chad!

Chad Fautt joined our lab in the fall 2021. He is working on microbe-microbe interactions mediated by the production of tailocin. Tailocins are phage-like particles that bacteria have hijacked to their own benefit in the microbial warfare! Chad is using in silico tools including agent based modeling and phylogenomics to explore the origin, evolution and ecological role of tailocins!

A new exciting topic :) Chad is being co-advised by Dr. Kevin Hockett from the Department of PPEM at Penn State.

Welcome Raul!

Dr. Raul Roman Fernandez is joining our lab in Feb 2022! Raul is joining us after completing his Ph.D. at the University of Almeria with Dr. Yolanda Cantón Castilla on biocrust restoration. Raul was awarded a Marie-Curie fellowship from the European Union to work on the impact of precipitation frequency on biocrusts. His project is a partnership between my lab and the lab of Dr. Fernando Maestre in University of Alicante https://maestrelab.com/en/

Whishing a lot of success to Raul and MICROBIOCLIM !!


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